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Apply for Membership

Apply for Membership

Membership and Eligibility

CoastHills Federal Credit Union is dedicated to serving the people who live, work, worship, or attend school in the Central Coast community comprised of San Luis Obispo and North Santa Barbara counties. Our boundaries include all of San Luis Obispo County. North Santa Barbara County is delineated on the west by the Pacific Ocean, east by Los Padres National Forest, north by the county line and to the south at Gaviota State Park.

Others eligible for membership include spouses of persons who die while within the field of membership of the Credit Union, employees of the Credit Union, immediate family or household members* of a Credit Union member, and organizations of eligible persons listed above.

*Immediate family members include: spouses, children, siblings, parents, grandparents or grandchildren of the primary potential member, stepparents, stepchildren, step-siblings and adopted children. Household members include individuals living in the same residence and who maintain a single economic unit. Any person who is a permanent member of and participates in the maintenance of the household, domestic partners, and anyone that lives in the household and can demonstrate a degree of permanency will be considered to be household members. The primary member does not need to join in order for his or her immediate family members to join. Once the primary member's immediate family member joins, then that person's immediate family members are also eligible to join the credit union.

Apply for Membership

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Changing your name or deleting a joint owner?

If you have recently had a name change and need to update it on your account, you must provide appropriate documentation to CoastHills. Also, you may fill out the name change form at a branch or click here to print a form. To delete a joint owner on the account, the joint owner must sign the delete joint owner form. Please click here for a copy of the form.