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Merchant Solutions

Your product or service is a real crowd-pleaser. CoastHills’ suite of merchant services can help you make your next sale secure, speedy and seamless.

Credit Card Processing
Accept credit cards in person, by phone, or online with the help of CoastHills. In partner with WorldPay, CoastHills members can access all major credit card associations including Visa®, American Express®, Discover®, and JCB®. We’ll help you set up a processing system according to your volume—all you have to do is keep making sales.

Debit Card Processing
Did you know that almost half of card transactions are made with a debit card? Cater to this mar-ket segment by offering debit card processing by WorldPay. Convenient and secure, you can even offer your customers cash back on in store purchases.

Virtual Terminals
Accept credit and debit cards using the computer you already have with CoastHills virtual termi-nals. For in store swipe purchases and support, add a mag-strip reader by WorldPay.

Web Payments and Transaction Management
Interested in adding ecommerce to your business? Start accepting payments and managing trans-actions online with CoastHills and WorldPay. Flexible, simple, and secure, our ecommerce solu-tions feature web-based reporting, so you can access and analyze your transactions with ease.

Customer Loyalty Programs
Generate a core clientele with a customer rewards program by CoastHills. Our customer loyalty experts will help you create a program that’s right for your industry and client base—just one more way to make it a pleasure doing business with you.

CoastHills Mobile Banking

A nice way to say “hi” to your money.

We make it easy to stay connected to your money—wherever your adventures take you. Use your smartphone or mobile device to stay on top of your finances, check account balances, pay bills, set up alerts, even make remote deposits (it’s as easy as taking a picture). The app is free and available at the Apple App Store and Google Play.

33,000 ATMs
Real Estate Loan

Real Estate Loans

Let's buy a house together.

Our real estate lending team can help guide you through one of life’s biggest financial decisions—buying or refinancing a home. And with many different ways to borrow, you’ll have a monthly payment that fits you like a comfy pair of socks. Learn more