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Payroll Services

by Payroll People Inc.

Payroll People Inc. offers payroll processing for businesses of all sizes and industries with these features:

  • Employee payment by direct electronic deposit, your business check, or official back check
  • Easily understood employee earnings statements
  • Payroll journal, timesheets, deduction reports, year-to-date reports, personnel reports, employee W-2s
  • Custom report options available
  • Third-party payment checks garnish processing
  • Automatic check signing, check stuffing and delivery to multiple sites
  • Online, PC, telephone, or fix reporting available

Payroll Tax Pay & File Management
Payroll People Inc.'s comprehensive employer tax service provides:

  • Federal, state and city/local payroll tax deposits made electronically
  • Preparations and file of monthly, quarterly and annual payroll tax returns
  • Full compliance with the IRS Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS)
  • On-line TaxBrowser™
  • Assume the liability for timely deposits and reporting
  • Response to tax agencies' inquiries and guaranteed accuracy of our work
  • Current status on hundreds of regulation changes each year

Pay-As-You-Go Insurance Services 

Workers' Compensation

  • Premiums deducted each payroll and remitted to carrier
  • Participate in premium PPOs to protect favorable rates
  • Annual payroll report audits performed at Payroll People, Inc.

Automated Time Accounting Systems
Payroll People Inc.'s Automated Time Accounting Systems integrate your time and attendance data to generate payroll information automatically. With their systems you can:

  • Collect, total and edit employee hours and wage data
  • Integrate data into spreadsheets and databases
  • Categorize hours as regular, over-time, on-call, holiday, etc.
  • Generate totals and estimate wages by user-defined cost centers
  • Archive, reports and schedule with modules provided
  • Use your company's pay rules and personnel policies

Automated Employer Services
Employers desiring ultimate control and time savings may choose these options:

  • General ledger interface and reports
  • Multi-site reporting
  • PC-based Payroll software
  • Human Resource software
  • Report Generator
  • Unemployment Cost management
  • New employee reporting

To get a quote from Payroll People Inc. for any of the above Business Services, please contact Payroll People.

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