Coast Hills

Community Action Committee

Our mission at the CoastHills Community Foundation is “Partnering with our community to make a difference in our neighbor’s lives.”  We are passionate about wellness, family, safe and healthy living, and education. Knowing that we all struggle at some time in our lives, it’s good to give a helping hand to our neighbors when we can. There are hundreds of nonprofits on the Central Coast that demonstrate these causes.

The CoastHills Community Foundation accomplishes our mission in part by partnering with you and local nonprofits through the Community Action Committee. This committee, or CAC, is designed to support the multiple community nonprofit events, functions and organizations all across the Central Coast. We support little league teams, school events, fundraisers and so much more. To request support for a nonprofit you're involved with, simply fill out this Donation Request form and submit it by email or by USPS to:

CoastHills Community Action Committee
ATTN: Joel Tefft
PO BOX 200
LOMPOC CA, 93438-0200

All requests should include this form so that we can adequately review your request. Thank you for your interest in CAC! Please contact us if you have any questions about our organization and how we might be able to partner with you.