Coast Hills

Mortgage Refinance

Second time’s a charm.

With many different ways to borrow, CoastHills can help you refinance your existing loan and find a monthly payment that fits like a comfy pair of socks. We’ll help review your current mortgage and payments, and recommend any possible solutions to brighten up your financial life. Here are a few ways that refinancing your mortgage can help:

  • Lower your payments. A reduced rate equals a lower monthly payment.
  • Use your home’s equity. Get the money you need to consolidate debt or fund a major purchase. Refinance a higher amount than your current mortgage, and you’ll have access to smart cash.
  • Shorten your term. Take advantage of interest savings by refinancing to a shorter term. You may be able to save thousands of dollars.
  • Convert to fixed rate. If you have an Adjustable Rate Mortgage, you may be able to convert it to a fixed rate.