Coast Hills

Our Team

CoastHills is driven by the Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee, a group of credit union members who lend their talents and unique experience to provide direction for the credit union. From finance and marketing, to technology and military experience, our Board of Directors brings diverse skillsets to the table (seriously, it’s a big table). And just when it seemed like they couldn’t be more inspiring—they volunteer their time and talent out of their sheer commitment to help others. These volunteers are an important part of CoastHills.

Board of Directors 

We have nine unpaid volunteers, elected by our members, who serve on our board to direct and control the affairs and goals of CoastHills.

rafferty_hugh   velasco_rick   anders_bill

Hugh Rafferty Chairman


Rick Velasco
1st Vice Chairman


Bill Anders
2nd Vice Chairman

scheithauer_arthur   sladek_shirleen   jones_bernard 2014

Chuck Scheithauer Treasurer


Shirleen Sladek


Bernard Jones


Dave Richardson


Roger Welt 


Kris Andrews

Supervisory Committee

We have five members who serve on our committee to oversee the activities and direction of the credit union.

Darrell Gabel, Chair 
Larry Gooch, Member 
Pete Moeller, Member 
Kate Griffith, Member 
David "DT" Thompson, Member

CoastHills Credit Union Supervisory Committee

P.O. Box 545
Lompoc, CA 93438