Coast Hills

CoastHills Credit Union Working with FBI and Local Law Enforcement Regarding ATM Incident

CoastHills Credit Union is partnering with law enforcement, including the FBI, to resolve an incident involving a skimming device found on CoastHills Automated Teller Drive-up Machines (ATM) on Saturday, Sept. 12, 2015, in Santa Maria and Lompoc. The affected machines were located at the Lompoc branch on the corner of H Street and Central Avenue and the Santa Maria branch on Stowell and Broadway. 

In response, CoastHills has taken security measures to suspend usage of any member ATM card used at the Santa Maria drive up machine all day Sept. 11 and up to 11 a.m. on Sept. 12, and at the Lompoc drive up machine all day Sept. 11 and up to 2 p.m. on Sept. 12. 

New “Instant Issue” cards will be provided to those affected members. They can be obtained at the Lompoc, Vandenberg Village, Santa Maria and San Luis Obispo CoastHills branch locations.  Instant issue cards will allow members to immediately access their accounts using the new card and PIN.

CoastHills members are not being held liable for fraudulent transactions under the credit union's zero liability policy.

The skimming devices used fit right over the ATM card reader and look identical to the actual reader. The CoastHills Incident response team, and NCR, the ATM manufacturer, completed inspections of the entire CoastHills ATM network immediately upon discovery of the skimmers, including ATMs at the Santa Maria and San Luis Obispo airports and Marian Regional Medical Center.

“We are partnering with law enforcement to fully resolve the issue, including the FBI, who told us that this type of sophisticated skimming device is new territory to them,” said Paul Cook, CoastHills Chief Information Officer.

CoastHills provided local police department investigators with surveillance videos from both locations, which included an image of the suspects. 

Cook emphasized that security of member data is paramount, and the credit union is meticulously reviewing records for its members and all others who used the affected CoastHills ATMs.  CoastHills is in the process of contacting those individuals potentially affected by the ATM breach with details and action.