Coast Hills

Visa® Debit Card

Access in an instant.

No matter where your adventures take you, CoastHills is always close by with the Visa® Debit card. Whether you’re around the corner or around the world, you can access your cash 24/7. Our Visa® debit card lets you pull money right from your account, and is accepted at more than 30 million gas, restaurant, ATM, and retail store locations worldwide. Just look for the Visa® logo. 

You can even make deposits at select CO-OP Network ATMS, as well as check your balance and transfer money.

Now we've added some new features to online banking, allowing you to take ownership of your debit card spending. With the new Debit Card Management feature, you now have the opportunity to temporarily increase the spending limit on any debit card associated with your checking account. You also have the ability to pause and re-start debit card activity from right within your online banking portal.

Debit Card Daily Limit

For your protection, the daily limit for signature based transactions is $2,500, PIN based transactions is $1,000 and ATM withdrawals is $400. These limits reset each day at midnight.

Personalized Instant Issue Debit Cards

We now offer personalized debit cards for our members! You can upload your favorite picture to create your very own, one-of-a-kind card. Click here to visit our custom card creation website and you’ll be using your new card in no time! You can even choose to pick up your new card at any of our 11 branches throughout the Central Coast! Call (800) 262-4488 for details.